What is a mind? Free online course (MOOC) by Mark Solms

20 May 2015 - 12:15

UCT’s latest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has recently begun and is open for all to participate in. The course is conducted by the highly esteemed Professor Mark Solms (chair of Neuropsychology at UCT) and investigates one of the greatest mysteries of our time; that is, the question of “What is a mind?”. Solms approaches this question using the latest neuroscientific findings, as well as by taking into account other disciplinary approaches.

Speaking of the course (which is available to all online at any time!), Solms writes: “In my research, I have found it necessary to approach the study of the mind from the perspectives of different disciplines. We’ll work systematically through what I believe to be the defining properties of a mind, using evidence from various disciplines to support the argument. By the end of course you will know how the defining properties of the mind impact how people feel, respond and think as well as the ways psychologists treat mental disorders.”

The course consists of a variety of video lectures, articles, quizzes, mini assignments and many a discussion – getting participants to reflect on their own ideas about the mind, and interacting with other learners while doing so. See the advertisement for the course below (featuring, as much of the course does, images of Professor Pippa Skotnes’ artwork installation in UCT’s Psychology department, including her mural, Breath, which was inspired by the conception of the mind expressed by one of the last speakers of N|uu, |Una Rooi).

To sign up for this course, or simply to find out more, click here.

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