Staff’s Reading List | Phase 2

28 Jul 2015 - 12:45

If you’re looking for a new read, peruse the second installment of our staff’s reading list below. Obtained partly out of our own curiosity, the list includes staff members’ current and/or all time favourite reads.  

This is the second book list obtained this year, see the first one (including responses from Nomusa Makhubu, Svea Josephy, Nancy Dantas, Carine Zaayman and Nina Liebenberg) here.

Alexandra Ross – Post Doctoral Research Fellow, CCA

“My selection has a strong influence from the classical notion of the symposium as a site for convivial, yet critical exchange as it relates to the curatorial.”

Newer texts:

  1. Alla Carta, Dissertations Around a Table, 2013, No. 2
  2. Buden, B., 2009/2010, The Wine Was Very Good: On the Task of the Curator, in Manifesta Journal, No.10, Silvana Editoriale
  3. Corris, M., Joseph-Lester, J. and Kivland, S., 2010, Transmission Annual: Hospitality, Artwords Press
  4. Sennett, R, 2012, Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation, Penguin
  5. Spang, R. L., 2001, The Invention of the Restaurant, Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture, Harvard University Press

Older/core texts:

  1. Marinetti, F. T., the Futurist Cookbook, (first published in Italian as La Cucina Futurista, 1932), Penguin Modern Classics
  2. Derrida, J. and Dufourmantelle, A., 2000, Of Hospitality, Stanford University Press
  3. Hanru, H., June 2012, Reinventing the Social, in Hoffmann, J. (ed.), June 2012, The Exhibitionist: Journal of Exhibition Making, Archive Books, Berlin/ Turin
  4. Illich, I., 1973, Tools for Conviviality, 1990 edition, Marion Boyars
  5. Plato, 1950, The Dialogues of Plato, Selected, With Prefatory Notes by J.D. Kaplan, Pocket Books

Jade Nair – Research Assistant, CCA 

All time favourites:

  1. Vanity Fair by William Thackery
  2. The Counter Life by Philip Roth
  3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson
  4. Hotel Bemelmans by Ludwig Bemelmans
  5. Latest issues of Dazed & Confused and Architectural Digest

Recent reads:

  1. The Jewish Body by Melvin Konner
  2. The Petting Zoo by Jim Carroll
  3. On Hashish by Walter Benjamin
  4. Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American culture by Alice Echol
  5. The Stranger by Albert Camus

Nkule Mabaso – Curator, Michaelis Galleries 

“A strange list by any account”:

  1. The Brother Karamazov by Fyodor Dostovesky (available here)
  2. Flatland (a Romance of many dimensions) by Edwin Abbott Abbott (available here)
  3. Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogal (available here)
  4. An enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen
  5. Papillon by Henry Cherriere
  6. The Prince by Niccolo Michaivelli  (available here)
  7. The Art of War by Sun Tsu (available here)

Josephine Higgins – Project Manager, CCA

“I’m going to cheat a little. Instead of books I’ve read recently, I’m going to share some of the books that I’d love to add to my bookshelf. It’s a greatly shortened version of a constantly changing list, and this particular version is skewed by my optimism for an upcoming trip to England and Ireland.”

  1. Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes
  2. Secure the Shadow: Death and Photography in America by Jay Ruby
  3. Things that Talk: Object Lessons from Art and Science by Lorraine Daston
  4. Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life edited by Okwui Enwezor and Rory Bester
  5. Smoke gets in your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty
  6. Being Mortal by Atul Gawande
  7. The Phantom Museum: and Henry Wellcome’s Collection of Medical Curiosities edited by Hildi Hawkins and Danielle Olsen
  8. How It Is by Samuel Beckett
  9. Curious Lessons in the Museum: The Pedagogic Potential of Artist’s Museums by Claire Robbins
  10. The Morbid Anatomy Anthology edited by Joanna Ebenstein