Brenton Maart

Brenton Maart’s creative outputs extend across five disciplines. As a visual artist, his photographic installations are personal examinations of his mutable identities, extrapolated to the analysis of a post-apartheid and increasingly globalised South Africa. As a writer, his texts examine contemporary visual culture in South Africa, reading into it the shift, over the past decade, from the political, to the personal, to the current poetic merger of the militant and the emotive. His curatorial projects include detailed examination of selected South African artists, and also comparative analyses of contemporary art and design. His editorial projects include catalogues for his curated exhibitions, and also publications for leading South African museums. As a cultural activist, Maart interacts with various South African socio-cultural contexts, and uses multi-faceted methods to attempt to facilitate deeper understanding and proactive, positive practical shifts.

Previous professional positions include those as Director of the KZNSA Gallery (Durban), Exhibitions Curator at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, Exhibitions and Curatorial Consultant at Freedom Park Trust (Pretoria) and Curator of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature Art Collection (Johannesburg).

Solo exhibitions of his work include Temporary Architecture (PhotoZA, Johannesburg, 2003), Annotated Index (The Factory, Johannesburg, 2005), Crossword (Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, 2005) and On the Risk of Others: The Photosyntax of Brenton Maart (LACE, Los Angeles, 2008).

Maart holds an Advanced Diploma in Photography from the Market Photography Workshop,an M.A. in Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand and an M.Sc. cum laude from Rhodes University.