Clare Butcher

*1985 in Harare (Zimbabwe), lives and works in Cape Town.

"…Hopefully, it [the museum] will become an educational institute, a computerized bank of cultural history and an agency for action.’ – Alan Kaprow

 One of Clare Butcher’s central research strands deals with the ways in which contemporary art practice apprehends the phenomena of nationalism and rehistoricisation of the recent past. Her current research at the Centre for Curating the Archive involves a case study of two nationally-representative exhibitions staged in and around South Africa in 1947-8. Clare is experimenting with various frameworks, trying to activate affective archives of this modern exhibition history.

 Clare Butcher studied Art History, Public Culture and African Studies at the University of Cape Town before she participated at the Curatorial Programme of De Appel art centre (Amsterdam, Netherlands). In 2008 and again 2010, she worked as a guest curator at the Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven, Netherlands) and is still working on a few things on that side of the ocean (the Autonomy Project and a number of upcoming exhibition projects). Since the start of 2011 she has been a MFA student in Curatorship and Archive at the Centre for Curating the Archive. Clare is an editor and art-writer who also cooks. More information on her Ouma Lunch series and other activities can be found on the links below.

Research project Ouma lunches 

Residencies in 2011 

The Annex Residency Programme