2011 curatorial elective

In the first semester of 2011, a group of ten third year Fine Art students produced and curated Synechdoche, Upstairs Gallery - an exhibition of individual curatorial proposals for the Michaelis Upper Gallery. The students decided that the theme of their show would be an engagement with the language and practice of curatorship. Through careful, playful gestures and site-specific references, they drew attention to the gallery space, its history and the multiple roles of the curator within the practice and workings of Contemporary Art. The title of the exhibition was chosen to imply an engagement with the broad and complex arena of Curatorship in general – 'the whole'- through the specific act of creating this small show – the 'part'.

The names of iconic historical exhibitions, both local and international were interspersed between the steps of the staircase ascending to the gallery. Identified by the students in their research, these labels -"Salon Des Refuses", "Art of This Century" and "Africa Remix" to name a few- acknowledge key moments and antecedents.