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The Bleek and Lloyd archive comprises material housed in a number of national and other collections, including the National Library of South Africa, Iziko South African Museum, the Western Cape Provincial Archives and Records Service, the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa. While Bleek’s descendants have donated or sold the bulk of the collection, mainly to UCT, several items, particularly objects, still remain with family members. A cupboard once belonging to Lucy Lloyd is owned by Pippa Skotnes.

The digital archive includes:


Lucy Lloyd’s |xam and !kun notebooks

Wilhelm Bleek's |xam notebooks

Dorothea Bleek’s various notebooks

Jemima Bleek's !kun and Korana notebooks

Drawings and watercolours made by |han≠kass'o, Dia!kwain, Tamme, |uma, !nanni and Da

Bleek's !nusa dictionary

The |xam dictionary of Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd

Photographs in the Bleek and Lloyd collection

Letters, correspondence and other documents relating to the Bleek and Lloyd families

The digital Bleek and Lloyd