Spirals: Art, Archives and the Curatorial between Cape Town and Berlin

The Spirals virtual seminar throws ideas of art, archive and the curatorial into flux by resituating them in a series of exchanges between Cape Town and Berlin. Circulating ideas about art practise and archival engagement of all kinds between these two lively, dynamic yet also very different global north and global south settings, the series draws researchers, scholars, artists and curators in Cape Town and Berlin into a conversation in a themed virtual format. 

Casting our ideas about art and archive into virtual flux, our conversations surface points of alignment, divergence and patterns of circulation around shared  topics. Among other urgent questions, the series seeks to provoke discussion around the nature of archive, archival access and representation; the place of, and human emplacement in, theories of the non-human and nature; modes of engaging colonial legacies in archival formations; disciplines and disciplinary disobedience. Moving around, into and outwards of a crucial set of questions about archive and the curatorial, these conversations serve as a hub for intellectually orbiting through  respective fields from different vantage points, and, in the process, decentering knowledge exchange and building constellations for future collaboration. 

Our guest speakers are given 20 minutes to present some of their work while researchers and practitioners from the Centre for Curating the Archive have 10 minutes to comment and raise questions. Thereafter we open up for discussion and exchange.



Spirals schedule and further information

30 October 2020
Archival Ethics and Possibilities of Representation: Tal Adler and George Mahashe in conversation

27 November 2020
Nature(s), Archive and Anthropology: Tahani Nadim and Fritha Langerman discuss making good trouble in Natural History Museums