1. a. Rom. Antiq. A subterranean sepulchre, having in its walls niches or holes for cinerary urns; also one of these niches or recesses.
b. A similar structure in a modern crematorium.
2. A pigeon-house, dove-cote; a pigeon-hole.
3. A hole left in a wall for the insertion of the end of a beam.
Claim to the country

Claim to the country: the archive of Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek (Pippa Skotnes) 2007

In the 1870s, facing cultural extinction and the death of their language, several men and women from the northern Cape told their stories to two pioneering colonial scholars, Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd. These were the |xam (or Cape San or Bushmen) and theirs were narratives of the land, the rain, the history of the first people and the origin of the moon and stars. They told of the importance of the land and all its plants and animals, and the circumstances of their relocation to Cape Town as prisoners of the British Crown. READ MORE