1. a. Rom. Antiq. A subterranean sepulchre, having in its walls niches or holes for cinerary urns; also one of these niches or recesses.
b. A similar structure in a modern crematorium.
2. A pigeon-house, dove-cote; a pigeon-hole.
3. A hole left in a wall for the insertion of the end of a beam.
digitization Nikolaas van der Merwe archive
ARC: the Visual University and its Columbarium has begun work on the digitization of the Nikolaas van der Merwe archive. Van der Merwe is emeritus Professor of Natural History in the Science Faculty at UCT. Van der Merwe's archive comprises 10 000 slides documenting fieldtrips and research projects. Slides have been used for teaching at various universities across the world and are in the process of being indexed. Please find here some examples showing the extent of this archive. As soon as the whole archive has been digitized and indexed we will be publishing here a more concise showcase and information pertaining to these.