1. a. Rom. Antiq. A subterranean sepulchre, having in its walls niches or holes for cinerary urns; also one of these niches or recesses.
b. A similar structure in a modern crematorium.
2. A pigeon-house, dove-cote; a pigeon-hole.
3. A hole left in a wall for the insertion of the end of a beam.
Ouma Lunches: a research experiment by Clare Butcher

At a series of lunches, set around Ouma Smuts’s Ouma’s Cookery Book of Tested Recipes (originally printed in 1940), guests will be invited to contribute to a growing body of knowledge around the issues brought into encounter with one another in the shape of the two 1940s exhibitions which Clare Butcher is researching. Broad themes of transnationalism and the making of a modern South African subjectivity, will be brought to bear with knowledge of individual artistic practices and influences, as well as institutional anecdotes. All over melktaart or cream of spinach soup!

Lunch 1, May 6th 2011

Lunch 2, August 12th 2011

Lunch 3, August 23rd 2011

Lunch 4, August 26th 2011

Lunch 5 [tea], September 19th 2011

Lunch 6 [supper], September 20th 2011


(photo by Andrew Putter)