1. a. Rom. Antiq. A subterranean sepulchre, having in its walls niches or holes for cinerary urns; also one of these niches or recesses.
b. A similar structure in a modern crematorium.
2. A pigeon-house, dove-cote; a pigeon-hole.
3. A hole left in a wall for the insertion of the end of a beam.
Imperfect Librarian

Imperfect Librarian - 12 - 26 March 2012 - Michaelis Galleries

Clare Butcher
Andrew Putter
Jessica Brown
Joanne Bloch
Brenton Maart
George Mahashe
Jon Whidden

Our exhibition title comes from Jorge Luis Borges's The Library of Babel written in 1941: a short story in which the writer literally builds a (perhaps) infinite library/universe/archive. His words shape an intricate network of shelving, galleries, staircases and hexagons designed to hold a library containing 'several hundred thousand imperfect facsimiles'. Over the last months, we colleagues at the Centre for Curating the Archive have been engaging with the art of archive – quickly realising that the story in his 'story' lies not only in the 'how' but in the 'ways' of its telling. With this exhibition we seek to reflect on the paths and practices which have led our academic and personal archival explorations.

Through thickets of interpretation we tread, leaving imperfect traces despite our best tricks.

A publication of associated materials from the CCA students will form part of the show and be presented during the course of the exhibition run in March, 2012.

  Meeting 1, May 6th 2011
Meeting 2, August 12th 2011