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Nina Liebenberg

Nina Liebenberg is a PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town, with supervision from Professor Pippa Skotnes and Associate Professor Fritha Langerman. Nina completed her MFA at the University of Cape Town (2011), and her BAFA from the University of Stellenbosch (2003). She is a practicing artist and has exhibited in a variety of shows. Drawing on the expertise of individuals from a myriad of disciplines ranging from chemistry, medical imaging, physics, engineering and botany, she seeks to portray the intersection between the quantifiable and the poetic – using these scientific vocabularies to evoke feelings of ‘what might have been’, ‘if only’ and other yearnings of the heart.

Her most recent projects include creative consulting at the Pathology Learning Centre at The Faculty of Health Sciences at Groote Schuur Hospital, an artist residency in Istanbul, awarded by the Africa Centre, and part-time lecturing at Inscape College of Design and Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Prior to these, she worked at New Media Publishing as online editor for HIP2B², research assistant to Fritha Langerman’s exhibition, Subtle Thresholds, and as a financial dealer for Lloyds TSB and Mellon International Limited during her three years in Edinburgh.

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